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What is Blast Auxiliary Premium Air Cleaner HEPA?

The Blast Auxiliary Premium Air Cleaner is the ultimate personal air purifier. Specifically designed as an HEPA air purifier for those that want to clear their personal space, scrubbing it of harmful particulates, allergens, and dirt, dust, debris and pet dander, there’s nothing else on the market quite like this. This personal air purifier unit, though small, uses full HEPA filtration and activated charcoal filters to clean air efficiently and quickly, promoting health.

What is Blast Auxiliary Premium Air Cleaner HEPA?


  • Compact personal air purifier convenient to place on top of the desk, in a cup holder, at the table, or anywhere you need it

  • HEPA filter traps 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger!

  • Connect the personal air purifier to your laptop for complete portability

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