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What is Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus?

The  Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC PLUS is a comfortable, stylish, personal AC unit and ionizer. It helps purify the air you breathe while producing a gentle, cooling breeze.

It's an incredible way to protect yourself from allergic reactions, harmful airborne particulates, and even second-hand smoke. It also includes a thermo-electric cooling plate that hugs the back of your neck, ensuring you keep cool even on the hottest days.



The BEST Way to Keep Yourself Cool in the Summer Heat



  • Three-speed adjustable fan blasts you with a cooling breeze!
  • Thermoelectric cooling plate cools your neck to as low as 43°F (6°C)!
  • Filters dust particles from the air, protecting you from germs and allergens
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 30 hours of use on a single charge
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