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What are the Blast Auxiliary Premium Air Cleaner HEPA specifications?

  • Negative ION capability to help reduce fine dust particles

  • Uses a replaceable HEPA filter with another layer of activated charcoal filter to reduce odor

  • Long press ‘M’ button to turn on Negative IONIZER

  • When ON the bottom LED light will be breathing on and off

  • With continuous use, clean the filter every half month and change the filter every 3 months

  • Input Voltage: DC5-6V Max

  • Working Current: 400~850 mA

  • Product Weight: 240g

  • 4 Fan modes when pressing ‘M’ button:

    • Automatic - Top 3 Lights are on

    • Low - Second to bottom light is on (450mAh / 2.25W)

    • Medium - Third light is on (600mAh / 3W)

    • High - Fourth light is on (820mAh / 4.25W)

  • Air quality indicator light within fan output chamber:

    • RED - Very poor air quality

    • BLUE - Poor air quality

    • GREEN - Good air quality

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