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Blast HeatCore Frequent Questions and Answers

Is Blast HeatCore safe to use? - Yes it is! In case it gets knocked over, it will automatically shut off to avoid risk of fire.

Does the Blast HeatCore save you money? - By heating just your immediate surroundings, you can save big bucks not paying to heat up your entire home.

Is Blast HeatCore difficult to carry around? - Not in the slightest! The Blast HeatCore is lightweight enough to be carried with you anywhere.

Does Blast HeatCore make a lot of noise when you use it? - Not at all! The Blast HeatCore makes about the same noise as a fan.

Where should I set up the Blast HeatCore? - It is recommended to set up the Blast HeatCore on a flat surface and away from objects or material that may easily catch on fire.

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