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What makes Blast Auxiliary InHome so unique?



  • Easy setup: Just plug it in and Blast Auxiliary In Home goes to work scrubbing your air and purifying it. It’s so easy to have clean, deodorized air that you should get one for every room of the house! JUST PLUG AND PLAY!
  • Clean, ionizer air: Pure clean air without Ozone means it's 100% safe and pure for children, dogs, cats, and other pets!
  • High quality: Blast Auxiliary uses only the highest-quality components and provides the best quality natural charcoal to ensure the elimination of airborne particles and offensive odors.


The Activated Charcoal or Scented Bags within InHome enhance your enjoyment of purified, deodorized air.



Each bag can last approx. 1 month *Depends on surrounding conditions from humidity and strong odors

  • Currently offers 3 assorted scents to enhance the aroma of any room. These fragrances include Pacific Linen, Yuzu Fresh, and Calming Lavender.
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