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What makes the Blast Ultra HeatCore different from other heaters?

Blast Ultra HeatCore is Safer Than Other Heaters

Unlike oil-filled heaters, the Blast Ultra HeatCore does not have any exposed heating elements. The ceramic plate is located inside the device and has a plastic casing which does not heat up. You can easily pick up the heater and move it around without worrying about burning your fingers.

The heater also has a timer option if you’re worried about accidentally leaving it on unattended and the unit has a safety kill switch located in the back. No hot air will come out of the unit unless this button is first activated.

Blast Ultra HeatCore Fights Off Mold, Bacteria, and Funky Smells

Do you ever notice a musky scent when you turn on your heater? This is usually from dust and mold that builds up and burns over time. The Blast Ultra HeatCore has an antimicrobial filter that catches dust and prevents mold from growing. You won’t get bacteria growth or that wet sock smell you get with other heaters. The filter keeps things fresh and clean.

Blast Ultra HeatCore Puts the Money Back in Your Pocket

Did you know the average American household spends about $500-$1500 on heating during the winter? If you’re still on the fence about this product, just think about it this way: Would you rather spend a fortune heating up your entire home for months at a time, or would you make a one-time purchase for a product that is a fraction of the cost and works instantly? This is a no-brainer. You can rapidly heat up your space without worrying if this is the thing that will send your electric bill over the roof.

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