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Blast Auxiliary InHome - Questions and Answers

  • How does activated charcoal work? - Activated charcoal removes foul smells in the air through “adsorption” (not to be confused with “absorption”. This means that the particles that cause the odors are attracted to the charcoal itself. As the Blast Auxiliary In Home draws in the air, it is vented through the activated charcoal pouch. From here, the molecules are attracted to the charcoal, resulting in the Blast Auxiliary In Home expelling nothing more than fresh-smelling air.
  • Is activated charcoal safe? - Yes, it’s simply charcoal that has gone through extra heating before being packed into the porous bag to ensure that the charcoal is free from impurities. From here, we ensure that each of these bags is quickly sealed in an airtight bag so it comes fully “charged” and ready to go when you open it up for the first time. Even though it is all-natural, we do not recommend opening the bag, playing with it, eating it, etc.
  • How long do the active charcoal pouches last? - Depending on the level of humidity and the type of odors being eliminated, most pouches last for around a month, though some people may wish to change the pouches more often for optimum freshness.
  • Where can I get more charcoal pouches? - You can get official charcoal pouches from the Blast Auxiliary website here. We recommend getting them from the official site as they are designed to work best with the Blast Auxiliary In Home. We cannot guarantee the quality of other charcoal pouches.
  • I’ve heard there are other scents available. Where can I find them? - You can also find other scented pouches from the Blast Auxiliary website here. You can choose between Pacific Linen, Yuzu Fresh, and Calming Lavender.
  • Does the Blast Auxiliary In Home work without the charcoal pouches? - Yes, on its own, the Blast Auxiliary In Home dispenses negatively-charged ions that effectively target airborne pathogens if the ionizer is turned on. To turn it on, simply hit the left-most button and it will start working right away. However, for a thorough deodorizing of the space, you’ll want to use it with the charcoal filtering pouch inserts.
  • Is Blast Auxiliary In Home any different than any other plug-in deodorizer? - Blast Auxiliary In Home is very different as most plug-in deodorizers rely upon covering up smells. Blast Auxiliary ionizes the air to take out large particles and allows you to filter with charcoal or scented pouches for cleaner air.
  • Does Blast Auxiliary In Home produce Ozone? - Unlike other deodorizers on the market, Blast Auxiliary In Home does not produce harmful ozone. This makes it safe for children and pets.
  • Does the Blast Auxiliary In Home help get rid of odors? - Yes, when the Blast Auxiliary In Home is used with the activated charcoal bags, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the unpleasant smells occupying a space.
  • How many Blast Auxiliary should be used in a home or office? - Typically you should use one Blast Auxiliary In Home in every room with the exception of the kitchen where most people prefer two units.
  • How do I get Charcoal Filters for Blast Auxiliary In Home? - Charcoal filters for Blast Auxiliary In Home are available monthly with VIP membership.


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