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Questions and Answers | Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus

  • What is Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus? -  Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC is a personal fan with dual output. It has patented design and technology and ensures adjustable air flow to your neck and head.
  • Is there a specification sheet on Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus? - Yes, here are some interesting specifications of  Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus: - Fan Air Volume 1.9 CFM (cubic feet per min) - 120° Positionable air blade outlet - 5° Flex Fit for different neck sizes - Enclosed fan mechanism prevents hair and other loose objects from getting sucked in - 3 Fan Speed Modes (Low Med High) - LED ring to indicate power on and charging status - Type-C charging port with protective cover - Removable vents for cleaning - Battery runtime fan only (hours): Low 30 - Med 20 - Hi 15 - 3.7V Lithium Battery capacity 3000mAh - 4 hr charging time
  • How does the Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus work? -  Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus is an advanced model with options that include antibacterial filtering, personal cooling, quieter and lighter motor and more air vents.

The device works as an ionizer, purifying the air you breathe. By electronically charging a the environment’s molecules with negatively charged ions, you help eliminate traces of harmful airborne bacteria and particulate matter. The dual fans and changeable filters prevent these contaminants from getting into your lungs.

  • Is there a specification sheet on Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus features that are not in the regular model? - Yes, below are the specifications for  Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus that are not in the regular model: - Thermal electric cooling plate with LED lit on/off button - Cooling vents at the back for cooling plate - Ionizer inside fan chamber to reduce allergens and pollutants - 3 million negative ion per cm^3 - Fan Air Volume 1.9 CFM (cubic feet per min) - Built-in and replaceable antibacterial filters inside fan intake
  • How do I order the Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus model? - There are two ways to order  Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus model. First when you order your regular model if you join the VIP Membership and Reward Program all your units will be upgraded to Plus models for FREE. Second as there is limited supply you can preorder.
  • What is particulate matter? - Particulate matter (also called particle pollution) is the name for the solid particles and liquid droplets found in the atmosphere. Common examples include dust, smoke, pollen, and smog. The Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus reduces the impact these small particles can have on your health.
  • What types of batteries does it take? - The Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus contains llithium battery that is conveniently powered using a standard USB cable. No need to worry about stocking up on batteries. Charge it overnight and you’re ready to wear it all the next day.
  • Does the device feel warm on my neck? -No, because the Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC blows clean, filtered air around you, and it also features a patented cooling plate that whisks away the heat. You’ll enjoy the cooling sensation the  Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC provides on a hot day.
  • I have long hair, will Blast Auxiliary pull my hair into the fan? - NO,  Blast Auxiliary has a patented technology to keep your hair or clothes from being caught into the fan.
  • Why is this product on preorder? - This is a preorder product because the supply chain and logistics is currently disrupted.
  • When can I expect my preorder product to be delivered? - We expect your product to be delivered not later than Jan 24, 2021, but could be delivered as early as Dec 9, 2020. We will send you an email with tracking number as soon as your order ships. Please support us during this time with patience on delivery and we will get your product to you as quickly as possible.
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